Traynors Labrador Retrievers Reg'd

                                                                          producing Versatile Labrador Retrievers that can do it all!             

  Bruce & Robin Traynor
Kamloops, BC
cell 250 819 7313






Traynors Labrador Retrievers is located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

We have been training, breeding, hunting, showing and loving Labrador Retrievers since 1981.

Our goal is to produce healthy, multi-purpose, versatile Labrador Retrievers with the wonderful Labrador Retriever temperament

    Traynors Labrador Retrievers and their offspring have become Junior, Senior & Master Hunters, Canadian Show Champions, Obedience titled and most of all family companions - truly Versatile Labrador Retrievers!

               Labrador Retrievers only come in three registered colors - Yellow, Black and Chocolate. "Silver" is not a Labrador Retriever color!

"The true meaning of a dual-purpose dog is one that can do its job out shooting, if possible up to a high standard, and can also represent its breed on the bench without disgrace."    Mary Roslin-Williams in The Dual-Purpose Labrador



We are members of:

Canadian Kennel Club

B.C. Labrador Retriever Club (1995) Society

Kamloops Gun Dog Club


Updated - July 2019

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